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04.16.14 Playing Music on Your Kindle

Since I posted about free music from Amazon a little over a year ago, I’ve had a lot of emailed questions regarding it – primarily, what was that link again?  So, here is a little bit of a repeat (don’t worry, a new tip or book post will be here again soon). There are also […]

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04.02.14 Changing Your Kindle’s Default Dictionary

Your Kindle comes pre-loaded with a dictionary, which is handy at times to look up various words and other things you may not know the definition or context the author is using. For example, the standard dictionary on my Kindle is called The New Oxford American Dictionary, and is the 2008 version published by the […]

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03.19.14 Kindle Screen Freeze Fix

Have you ever had your Kindle screen “freeze” or become unresponsive? It can happen for a variety of reasons, but the probable cause is a low battery. If this happens to you, try the simple step of plugging it into your charger for a few minutes (although it may sound obvious, please make sure the […]

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03.09.14 Daylight Savings Time Today!

Well, today started Daylight Savings Time here in the USA; did anyone of you miss it or forget? If you’re like me, I remembered to go around the house change the clocks back yesterday before I went to bed – but I promptly forgot to do it and did it this morning.  I’m sure there […]

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03.05.14 Removing a Book from a Kindle Touch

Several people wanted to know how to delete a book from their Kindle Touch (the tempermental predecessor to a Kindle Paperwhite) vs. the option of “Move to Archived Items.” Moving a book to the archived items on the Kindle Touch is similar to deleting it off a regular Kindle – they just don’t use the […]

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Corporate Ties
Today’s Featured Kindle Book of the Day is Corporate Ties, by E.L. Loraine, is regularly $4.99 but has been discounted to just 99 cents today in the Amazon Kindle store; this book has received an average user rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 25 customer reviews. Genre: Contemporary Romance     Here […]

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