In case you missed it in Friday’s post the book that helped this whole blog thing for me, Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them, is free today – today is the last day for it to be offered for free – this is the updated version and it will be free through tonight; if you haven’t grabbed it yet you can if you click here or type in into your web browser.

Yes, you will find what I call the “big list” of links to free Kindle books by category / genre in the Amazon Kindle store – I had to take that down from the blog’s website because of the rules implemented last year…if you use these links you could literally read for the rest of your life and not pay another dime.

This is the first time I have offered this version of the book for free and I’m not sure when I will do it again so, if you haven’t grabbed it yet what are you waiting for? I’m also 150% certain your family and friends would appreciate your telling them about this book being free so please pass this information on to them – I’d really like to get this on the top of the category lists so please download away!

One final note – because of inconsistencies in how the blog’s posts show up on Facebook, Twitter, etc. (they all seem to want to be paid lots of cash I don’t have in order for the posts to be seen on your devices) I’m having a push to sign up people for the daily digest emails. Of course it’s free to sign up and receive the email option and I believe it helps compliment the other methods of seeing the Kindle book offers. I’d appreciate it if you would give it a try – you can always unsubscribe if it is not for you: just click here or type in into your web browser – just fill in your email address, smack the “Subscribe” button, and make sure you reply to the confirmation email!

I hope each of you have a great rest of your weekend-


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10 Responses to “Last Day for This Free Kindle Book”

  1. Donna Rossi Havern Donna Rossi Havern  Says:

    Thank you!

  2. Pat Shaw Pat Shaw  Says:

    I got this yesterday, dangerous book!!!! I may spend more time shopping for freebies than I do reading them.

  3. Pat Shaw Pat Shaw  Says:

    I got this yesterday, dangerous book!!!! I may spend more time shopping for freebies than I do reading them.

  4. Matthew McDermott Matthew McDermott  Says:

    Lynda Reilly McDermott

  5. Paula Wright Poindexter Paula Wright Poindexter  Says:


  6. Susan Bontrager Susan Bontrager  Says:

    Thanks to your site I probably have a million books, but I love them all!! Love your tips, and the new site you offered from “sacred texts”! It’s truly interesting.

  7. Viva M. Edwards Viva M. Edwards  Says:

    I would like a free one!! How?

  8. Linda Senft Linda Senft  Says:


  9. Anne Squires-Dorsey Anne Squires-Dorsey  Says:

    Thank you :-)

  10. Jan Boyd Jan Boyd  Says:

    Beverly Nichols Avey Amanda Avey-McClaran

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