It’s a slow day today, so I thought it was time for another giveaway – this time it’s for one new Kindle Fire!

Here are the rules for this giveaway:

  • The time period is between now and 11:59 p.m. EST August 3rd.
  • You can enter once – and only once.
  • I’m doing this giveaway in an attempt to increase the blog’s email subscription option (no, you don’t have to do anything with Facebook or Twitter with this one to enter); if you do sign up for the email delivery option you can always unsubscribe at any time. You can also have more chances to win if you refer a friend (see the options below).
  • You don’t have to be a resident of the USA to enter – in other words, you can live anywhere in the world Amazon delivers merchandise. However, if Amazon does not ship Kindle Fires to your country, I will replace the new Kindle Fire with the same value in an Amazon gift card to do with as you please.

To enter:

  • Just click on the Enter to Win section of the box a little further down on this page: click on the “Join” line-item underneath the “Enter to Win” header.
  • For an additional 10 chances to enter, you can refer the giveaway (and the blog) to a friend. After you have entered via the method above, a box will appear that will give each entrant a unique URL you can share with your friends. For each friend that enters the giveaway, you will receive +1 entry into the giveaway: each entrant can refer up to 10 people.

In return, here is what I will do:

  • Randomly draw one winner from all of the entries for the Kindle Fire.
  • Have Amazon ship out a brand new (i.e., not a refurbished) Kindle Fire to the winner.

The last giveaways have been fun, and generated a lot of excitement. Seeing as how there is an easy non-Facebook/Twitter option to enter, I’m hoping the number of entries will be a lot more than last time.

If you’re reading this on your Kindle and not the actual blog page, you can go to your computer’s web browser and type in and enter away!

Website Owners / Authors

Several people have asked me on previous giveaways how they can have their web visitors, blog readers, and friends join in on future giveaways: the more the merrier! There are two ways:

  • Just link them to the giveaway page on the blog – just tell them to go to on their web browser.
  • You can embed a widget just like the one I have on this page to your website or blog page. Just click here and follow the easy instructions (if I can figure it out as an accountant, it has to be easy). All entries will go into the same hat!


That should do it – and good luck to everyone!


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109 Responses to “Enter to Win a New Kindle Fire!”

  1. Dustin Sherrill  Says:

    Thanks. Love your posts. Hope I win the Kindle Fire.

  2. Cherye Elliott  Says:

    Free books….always. Not crappy free books either. Really good books. Love the recommendations. I would love, love , love to win.

  3. Judy Livingston Davis  Says:

    would really love to win.

  4. Lisa Bruckner Totten  Says:

    Thank you!

  5. Danette Briggs  Says:

    Hope this works! I need some good luck in my life right now.

  6. BJ Wanlund  Says:

    Thanks for making these contests that much more fair.

  7. Cassie McDermott  Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this!

  8. Juanita Taylor  Says:

    Michael, thank you again for all that you do. And a chance to win is over and above.

  9. Michelle Nyquist  Says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!!

  10. April West  Says:

    Great blog and tips are very helpful. Thank you

  11. Barbara Levi James  Says:

    I love the variety of books…something for everyone.

  12. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:

    I'm trying!

  13. Mitzi Cowling Lafitte  Says:

    Thank you for just being you!

  14. Vickie Gentry  Says:

    If you had eye sight like myself you would want to try and win this kindfle! I can actually read a book

  15. Edith Bron Chiong  Says:

    Thank you for the books and hope I get lucky and win….

  16. Amanda Caldwell Lucera  Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win one! I'd love to give it to my kids for Christmas :)

  17. Cherita Knight  Says:

    Have really enjoyed your blogs and recommendations. Which Kindle Fire is part of the Giveaway.

  18. Cindy Pond Ambrose  Says:

    I do not get to go to the library here due to the hours they are open are while I am working. This would be so perfect for me!

  19. Mitzi Locklear  Says:

    LOVE it

  20. Patrice Marie Tadel  Says:

    Love to read. A book junkie

  21. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:

    It is the "regular" Kindle Fire for this giveaway.

  22. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:


  23. Lori Escobar  Says:

    Thank you Michael. Wish me luck.

  24. Debbie Fromknecht  Says:

    Love the rounded genre you offer on your site. For those of you who love to read and haven't looked here shame

  25. Annie Lange  Says:

    Good books here.

  26. Lyndsey A Schrum  Says:

    Love getting the.99 books they are helpful since can't really afford the more expensive books. Love getting on and seeing what's new Thanks for searching these deals out and posting them!

  27. Cassidy Yates  Says:

    would love to win would be awesome!

  28. Kathie Colley  Says:

    That would be so nice. Good luck to everyone.

  29. Deloris Gardner  Says:

    Keeping my firngers crossed tok

  30. Jacky Kurzendoerfer Petitjean  Says:

    Sweet would love to win.

  31. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:

    Good luck!

  32. Linda Morris Miller  Says:

    Would love to win the Kindle Fire.

  33. Diane Downing  Says:

    No sob stories about needing this…I would just like to have it because I love to read.

  34. Grace Dinerstein  Says:

    hope to win but still like the free books I can now enjoy reading again.

  35. Sandy Carter  Says:

    I love my Kindle, and would love to win, to give as a gift, to a friend or family member. It is the best way to read anything you want, not to mention all the other features the kindle comes with. Good luck everyone.

  36. Julie Nicholson-Rieman  Says:

    New to the blog…actually the first blog I've ever subscribed to. Looking forward to reading the posts :-)

  37. Lin Tedde Teachenor  Says:

    I've wanted a Kindle Fire so badly but just haven't had the "bucks" to get one – maybe I'll get lucky this one time – I can always HOPE! Thanks for the chance.

  38. Deby Crowder  Says:

    Me too Lin :-)

  39. Coni Bauer  Says:

    I wanted one too. Then my sister in law gave me her second generation Kindle because she got an iPad. I still would LIKE one but now at least I can take advantage of all the free books on Amazon :) Good luck!

  40. Judy Sietmann  Says:

    I would love to have a new Kindle and I love the Blog from Michael. I have had it for over a year. Great.

  41. Audrey C Lawrence  Says:

    Thanks for the contest! I would love to win the Kindle Fire!

  42. Michele Ann Avery  Says:

    Great site

  43. Sandy Shoaf  Says:

    Thank you for this contest!

  44. Jayne Mello  Says:

    Again I can't enter just says "loading" every single time what is up with that no matter what I do gggggggrrrrrrr frustrating as heck.

  45. Cynthia Bayer Blain  Says:

    I use the Kindle app on my PC to buy and read my e-books; but it sure would be nice to have a hand held e-reader rather than sitting on a chair in my office to read. What a great giveaway. I am not good at holding my breath, and not lucky, but did want to enter just for the fun of it. Love my Kindle books even if I don't have an Kindle Fire, etc. But…… did I say how nice it would be IF I did have one? :) Thanks for the great giveaway.

  46. Jeanne Tucker Robinson  Says:

    I love using their library and am finishing up my last book before visiting again

  47. Cynthia Bayer Blain  Says:

    I shared on FB two times and posted to everyone on my FB list.

  48. Karen Suey  Says:

    Love my Kindle Fire

  49. Barbara Droddy  Says:

    I'm entered!!

  50. Toni Moniot  Says:

    I have found so many new, and very well-written books through this site. My son wants to do the same! I raised a multi-genre, wonderful man. Check out this site and do the same!

  51. Patti Williams  Says:

    So love your blog thanks so much!

  52. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:

    thank you!

  53. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:

    I'm glad you're here!

  54. Rubie Cox  Says:

    I just entered :)

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  56. Kathie Starr  Says:

    Have gotten some really good books

  57. Colleen Butler Barribeau  Says:

    Love that you can read and have it talk to you at the same time

  58. Anjeanette Carter  Says:

    I swore I would never want a Kindle/Nook but my baby sleeps with me and the rustling pages of my books wake her up. This would be my super sneaky way to read quietly!

  59. Sandra Decker  Says:

    Great giveaways. With macular, an e reader is the only way to go. My kindle has been in constant use and is getting old. Got my fingers (and toes) crossed on this one. What a wonderful surprise it would be.

  60. Robyn Lynn Stempien  Says:

    crossing my fingers! would love to win this for my grand daughter.

  61. Amy Lacey Rozycki  Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win as well as all the great tips I get from you. You are the only "app" That makes me feel like I know you… and trust you. Uh oh! LOL!

  62. Don Egbert  Says:

    How do i know when i have entered?

  63. Pauline Gilray  Says:

    Love this site I use this daily for books/.

  64. Betty Springer Fulford  Says:

    Love my Kindle but would love a Kindle fire more.

  65. Lauren Hoverson  Says:

    Michael–I need to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for continuing to improve your blog with much thought–I just love to check it daily posts and all !!!!

  66. Gail Gearrin  Says:

    It's just the easiest way to read tons of free or nearly free books; magazines or your personal favorites on the go! No more lugging heavy tomes for me!

  67. Laura Evans Beasley  Says:

    Good prize. Good books! Great combination!!!!

  68. Danny Brewer  Says:

    Hervé shipping That

    Here hopping that thé powers that be pick Me.

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  70. Dee Darrell-Fick  Says:

    Absolutely the best place to get all kinds of books, some FREE! Something for everyone!

  71. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:

    You can tell in the right hand corner of the signup box – it will tell you how many entries out of 10 you have.

  72. Julie A Rogers  Says:

    I really, really, really need a Kindle Fire. I have a whole bunch of books on my Kindle App on my computer. Please, please, please, pick me.

  73. Walt McCarthy  Says:

    As usual there is no way to enter using your "enter to win" box. This is always frustrating.

  74. Pamela J. Elmer  Says:

    There are a lot of good, free books to be had :-)

  75. Sharon Hardy Calentine  Says:

    Thank you Michael! My reading list has never been this long!

  76. Linda Burney Scali  Says:

    Absolutely NEED to win this – there are already 7 bookcases (and not small ones, either) in the den, and no more room for additions. This would make the next 250+ books a lot easier to store.

  77. Paula Hess Clark  Says:

    Theanks for your blog. I luv your book choices. Free books that are a good read are awsome. I really enjoy your posts. Thanks again

  78. Donna Block  Says:

    Love to win!

  79. Jacquie Johnson  Says:

    There are so many great books …I always find something good.This is an awesome giveaway!!

  80. It's Another Rambling Blog Post... | Kindle Books and Tips  Says:

    [...] and you only have a couple of days left to go before a winner is drawn: you can enter if you click here or type in into your web [...]

  81. Linda Maynard  Says:

    Love the blogs

  82. Free eBooks and Tips  Says:

    what type of device are you using to try to enter?

  83. Michael Gallagher  Says:

    what type of device are you using to try to enter?

  84. Faye Watson  Says:

    Good luck to all

  85. Kay Holm  Says:

    Michael, I love the lists you send. I really loved when you tried to make the one author #1 on Amazon that week. More of that kind of thing, particularly for authors you think are really good. I think you should have less free books and more 99 cent ones, I think most people can afford a buck for a good book. And by that, I mean really choose the authors and make sure the books are good…that supports you and the author. My daughter is hooked in with Indie blogs and promotes the authors she likes just for fun (she has not written any books). I know there are a gazillion of these kind of things going on, but it is really good. Maybe look at that in terms of getting your favorite or customer favorite authors, emailing them and asking if they want to put together a blog hop or something and you will send it out. Prereq is that the authors are ones you have read and recommend so people who know you on this blog have confidence in the choices that they aren't a waste of time. Have them run a special on one of their books for 99 cents to hook back to you. Have them do the hop and all the work and you just promote it. Sounds like a win for everyone. Just a thought. Well, that is all I know for now…

  86. Andrea Larson  Says:

    I totally agree!

  87. Muse Interrupted » Blog Archive » Kindle Fire Give-Away on Kindle Books and Tips  Says:

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  88. Donna Copley  Says:

    Good luck to everyone that entered

  89. Patricia Elmore  Says:

    Always great reads here. Have not picked a book I did not thoroughly enjoy. Am entering for my mom. Somehow she's lost her kindle. Really missing it. Hopefully can replace it!!

  90. Kathy Van Leur Fletcher  Says:

    I love to read. I think I have read over 2000 books in my life and would love to continue to do this on a new Kindle Fire. I love reading new author's in mystery & thrillers.

  91. Melanie Nilles  Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. I shared it with my friends.

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  93. Howard Coates Sr  Says:

    I love my Kindles! Would love to have a fire!

  94. Helen Foster  Says:

    Love the book deals…..)

  95. Darlene Ackerman  Says:

    Love kindle books. They are easy to read and take along anywhere.

  96. Diane Allen Parks  Says:


  97. Kathi Clayton  Says:

    I cannot seem to enter this contest? I hit enter and it either opens a new tab or does nada. When you use facebook I never have any difficulty. Darn.

  98. Kathi Clayton  Says:

    Good to go! Thanks. Good luck to all!

  99. Beth-ann Trudeau  Says:

    This could not come at a better time. My Kindle Keyboard died on me the other day. It was well loved and well used.

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  101. Laura Priest Simmons  Says:

    This is a great place to get a good variety of quality books and apps! I love the organization and the variety offered!

  102. Lynn Silvia  Says:

    Please, please, please, I really, really, really want a Kindle Fire HD!!!!!!

  103. Ann Gramling  Says:

    I'm really enjoying the "new" authors I have found as a result of Michael's efforts in behalf of limited income book readers. My local Leon Valley Library provides me with all those infamous writers, a few of which do great things with the millions they've made, but there is NO way I could buy a copy and be able to reread whenever I want. Now I have my forever copy of some fantastic writers and didn't pay much if anything for the stinkers that were easily discarded without regret. I currently read on my Note II; a Fire would be awesome!

  104. Katie Larink  Says:

    *crosses fingers* I've been stealing my sister's Kindle Fire too much lately. This would be a lovely solution. Love the selection of books you send out every day! I've gotten some great ones. :)

  105. Cheri Knuth Carpico  Says:

    I have a Nook but most of my friends have the Kindle and I would love to win a Kindle Fire!!

  106. Vickie Hall Garrett  Says:

    LOVE my Kindle!!

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  108. lbf4life  Says:

    if there is a winner why do I keep getting a note to enter the contest?

  109. Michael Gallagher  Says:

    I haven’t sent a note out about the contest in a couple of days!

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