Last week, I thought I would try something different and have an informal poll where you could interact and share your ideas via the comments section of the blog.  I thought it would get a few responses, but I was blown away at the level of participation – over 1,100 comments, and it has been the most viewed page (of all the pages) of the blog, ever.

If you missed the question in that post – do you read one book or multiple books at a time – you can click here or type in into your web browser to answer the question and interact with the other blog members.

For those of you who don’t know, I went to Texas A&M for school and there’s a phrase there (among many) to summarize says if you do it once it becomes a tradition.  Well, seeing as how a lot of people enjoyed the last informal poll question, I am going to try a few over the next few Saturdays and see how it goes.  If you are reading this post on your e-Ink Kindle or received the post via email, you can always see this week’s poll question if you click here or type in into your web browser.

So, here’s this week’s informal poll question courtesy of blog reader Stacey Gates: “which model of Kindle do you prefer?”  Let us know in the comments section just below this post and give us some commentary / details behind your answer as you see fit!

I’ll start it off: after several years of primarily using my trusty Kindle Keyboard, with a few reads on my Kindle DX because I really like the larger screen, over the last two months I have been exclusively using my 8.9” Kindle Fire tablet with 4G.  Why?  Primarily because I can pop over and get a few rounds of Words with Friends or another game in, check my email real fast, then switch back over to my book all without leaving my easy chair or switching devices.

What about you?  Please answer away in the comments section below this post on the blog’s website.  If you are reading this post on your e-Ink Kindle or received the post via email, you can always see this week’s poll question if you click here or type in into your web browser.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Michael Gallagher



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100 Responses to “This Week’s Informal Poll – Your Input Requested!”

  1. Sharon Clark  Says:

    For serious reading I like the Kindle Touch the best. The 8.9 Fire HD is just too heavy to hold up one-handed for long periods of time, my wrist gets sore. The HD is great to take with you though because you can read, play games, surf, etc while sitting in a doctors office waiting….

  2. Cathy Jeppsen  Says:


  3. Debbie Wierzbicki Slesinski  Says:

    I got the kindle fire for Christmas and love it!

  4. Sue Joyce  Says:

    Kindle keyboard. I love the 'no strain' reading

  5. Libby Harris  Says:

    I have Fire HD..this is only one I have for me I would say Kindle Fire HD

  6. Tracy Bynum  Says:

    I like my Fire on the bedside table for insomniac reading and checking tennis scores around the world; paperwhite everywhere else because I live in Florida where e-ink is a necessity :-)

  7. Diana Austin  Says:

    I like my regular Kindle. It's cheap enough on the wallet, light enough to hold, and I love my page forward/back buttons.

  8. Robyn Brown  Says:

    I had the kindle keyboard and traded with my son who had the basic kindle. I like that it is so lightweight. I can drop it in my purse and carry it with me always. However, I really really want a paperwhite now. I played with one at Best Buy and I'm seriously considering one. The frugal side of me though is saying "do you really need to buy this when you have a perfectly good kindle?" The other side of me is crying "yes, yes, we need the precious"!!!!

  9. Ann Welton  Says:

    I LOVE, LOVE my 8.9" Fire – the size, going back and forth to everything. Cannot live without it. Also have the smaller Fire, good for travel and appointments. Thanks Amazon!!

  10. Jodi Priest Broxterman  Says:

    Kindle Fire HD. I got it for Christmas and LOVE it!!

  11. Bart Palumbo  Says:

    I use my Samsung galaxy s 3 to read the books using the kindle app. I read on the train on my way to work. I also plug in my headphones and listen to my music. When are you going to start sending Movies, just kidding im so thankful for the books you do so much work for us already.
    Thank You,
    Bart Palumbo and my 3 nieces and nephews…The Kindle Kids.

  12. Barbara Guilmain  Says:

    I love my Kindle Fire 8.9" for everything it does. I started out with a Kindle keyboard, progressed to original Kindle Fire, now have the 8.9. Gread for reading books, amazing email and, words with friends.

  13. Tuwanna Rainbolt  Says:

    Mostly the 8.9 Fire HD because I can surf other websites, watch videos, etc. and then my Paperwhite when I am only interested in reading and because it fits in my purse so I take it everywhere.

  14. Stephanie InPraize Carter  Says:

    I have the Kindle app on my phone and tablet. For me, it's more enjoyable and easier than carrying books around. I also love audiobooks.

  15. Bruce Baker  Says:

    the old style kindle fire. it's the only kindle that i've owned

  16. Nina Rosalie Mills  Says:

    I don't use a Kindle per se, I use my IPod with the Kindle app and read multiple books at once. Usually a mystery and cookbook at the same time. I can do everything on my IPod without a monthly fee, including phone, text, and Words with Friends.

  17. Marie Cannon  Says:

    Kindle app on ipad.

  18. Kim Russell  Says:

    I love my Kindle Fire, best investment I have made in awhile.

  19. Susan Palmer-Chipps  Says:

    KINDLE FIRE for everything.

  20. Deirdre Popp  Says:

    I love my Kindle keyboard. When I'm picking up my kids at school (and waiting for them to inevitably be the last kids to leave the building), I can read and turn pages with my mittens on. We had high temps below 15 F all week. 'Nuff said.

  21. Carma-Lu Thompson  Says:

    I use the Fire primarily. 8.9 is to heavy for long term reading. I even like the Fire better when watching a movie alone. Screen size is fine and it is light enough to carry around one handed while I am doing things around the house.

  22. Dick Hohnbaum  Says:

    The Paperwhite! It is excellent. I am able to read when the naural light would not allow me to and I can read in bed and not disturb my wife with the light.

  23. Stephanie Linder  Says:

    None! I read everything on my Samsung Galaxy S3. :)

  24. Tina Doyle  Says:

    I have the kindfire and do a lot on it and everything I do is free! It is heavy for my hand that has nerve damage.

  25. Debra Markham  Says:

    I have been using the smaller Kindle Fire HD for many of the reasons Michael listed. I can read, play a game, check email, surf the web if needed, and better reading in low light conditions. I prefer the smaller size for portability and weight. It works well, but might need my Kindle keyboard for reading in the sun.

  26. Amy Hamrick Lewis  Says:

    For serious reading, I prefer my Kindle Keyboard (K2). But I do love my Kindle Fire for apps and checking facebook and email

  27. Christine Chambers  Says:

    Kindle fire,only one i have had. Though i am thinking of upgrading come tax return time.

  28. Michelle Gallegos  Says:

    I have the new 8.9" Kindle also& &love it. Being older,having the larger screen makes it easy for me to read and type( I fat finger a lot) . I can do everything I need or want to from it without having to go into another room.

  29. Jana Johns Kafka  Says:

    Kindle 3G. No distractions! Just reading

  30. Diana M. Singer  Says:

    Kindle Keyboard Just perfect for reading and for typing searches in the kindle store.

  31. June Alex Ferris  Says:

    I still love my original Keyboard, but since getting the Paperwhite last fall, I am loving it more and more……dreamy! And I spend more time on my Original Fire now by far than my computer! And my Touch? Hate it……has about 50 unread free books just sitting around as I gradually transfer books over. Nope, can't give it away……no one wants it. My husband has left me for his New Fire…..loves it! Oh, and my father and father-in-law both Aggies!

  32. Diane Brown Day  Says:

    The 8'9 4G is the ultimate EVERYTHING device. It is never far from my reach.

  33. Cheryl Ford  Says:

    I love my Kindle Touch! It's lightweight, long-lasting battery, some fun games, and easy to use as an e-reader. It's the only one I own so it's hard to make an objective comparison.

  34. Cherie Charli Brooks Acevedo  Says:

    I only have the (older) Kindle with keyboard. (I've tried to win the Kindle Fire many times, as we have 4 kids at home ages 3 1/2 to 16 so I don't buy many special purchases for myself.) I love my Kindle, but the Kindle Fire, and the Paperwhite, look like great upgrades. :)

  35. Lisa Saldana Rigney  Says:

    I started with the original Kindle then upgraded to to Kindle keyboard and finally a Kindle Fire. I traded in my Fire because I absolutely love my Kindle keyboard. It's lighter and I love it.

  36. BatSheva Gamoran  Says:

    I love to read on my kindle keyboard. It is light and therefor I love it for reading. But I also own a fire and I love it mainly for playing games and getting on facebook or to browse on line stores.

  37. Lindsay Tatge  Says:

    I just upgraded to the Fire HD from the older gray e ink version. I really prefer the Fire.

  38. John Pendleton  Says:

    I use the stock Kindle Fire. Some day the HD is in my future.

  39. Dan Lenane  Says:

    Same as. You

  40. Loretta Humble  Says:

    My only experience is with the small Kindle Fire. I love it. I wonder if I could love anything fancier more.

  41. Bob Swett  Says:

    I have the Kindle keyboard, which I have all of my non-amazon content stored, and I also have the Kindle Fire HD. I prefer the Fire, because I will usually play background music while reading & can do both with the Fire HD, though I have nothing but positive things to say about the Kindle Keyboard.

  42. Barbara Bisignano  Says:

    Next to my bed I have my original Kindle black and white. I think it is the DX. I do have an Acer tablet that does everything else that I take everywhere. For simple reading too lull me to sleep, who needs anything else?

  43. Cynthia Doucet  Says:

    I have the Kindle Touch, I really like it and it fits perfectly in purse

  44. Craig Harder  Says:

    All I've ever used is the Kindle Fire, I don't know about the others maybe someday I'll get a chance to use them. I honestly don't know how I got along without it.

  45. Crystal Hilscher  Says:


  46. Roni Lepore  Says:

    I use Kindle 3 (keyboard)…thinking about changing it for Paperwhite. I use Samsung Note tablet for everything else (no interest in Fire).

  47. Barb Wagner Ferguson  Says:


  48. Debbie Tapp  Says:

    I love my Kindle Keyboard -use it every day and carry it in my purse 100% of the time. I love having 100s of my free books with me all the time :)
    My sad part is that the prior owner did something that caused the plastic frame to crack at the "hinges" and I will need to replace it with the $69 version when it finishes its self destruction.

  49. Melanie WorkingontheCore Sanchez  Says:

    Kindle fire is all I've ever owned.

  50. Adele Engle Schneider  Says:

    Kindle Fire HD. Love the size and portability! Only wish there was a SD card slot.

  51. Jim Gunn  Says:

    I . don't have much of a basis for comparison
    . I started with a first generation Kindle Fire and now have a 7" Kindle Fire HD. I prefer the Nd because of the navigation.

  52. Darlene Milner  Says:

    I started with Gen 2 keyboard. Since then I picked up a Toshiba Tablet, then the Fire. I like the readability of the Gen 2 and the text-to-speech works best on this one. I like my Tablet for games and internet. So I loaned my Fire to my friend who was going through Chemo therapy. When my Gen 2 got too full and started being unstable I bought a Gen3 keyboard. I don't like it nearly as well as I do the Gen 2. Even though Gen 3 has text-to-speech it isn't as human sounding as the Gen 2 and it relies on my own internet so it can't just grab books willy nilly. Gen 2 wins for me. Just wish it had more room. I have over 3k of books in the cloud.

  53. Robert Nicholson  Says:

    Kindle Fire HD 7". It is my first kindle and I received it as a Christmas gift. I have read more books in a month than I have read in the last 2 years. Love, love, love it. It is the first reader of any type I have owned. It was also valuable because my daughter could facebook and play games when we traveled without a laptop.

  54. Judy Jabaay Schaafsma  Says:

    All I have is a Kindle Fire so I'll have to say that. I also have a basic Nook and like reading that better when I'm outside. Kindle Fire is great when I can't sleep and want to read without waking up my husband!

  55. Mary DeFord  Says:

    Fire I love it

  56. Tom Bennett  Says:

    We have 5 different Kindles in our home and I greatly prefer the 8.9" HD wifi. Besides the larger screen, it is a bit more responsive than the other models. The Paperwhite, however, is great for reading in sun, shade or darkness and the battery life can't be beat.

  57. Colleen Schmidt White  Says:

    I got my kindle fire forChristmas of '11 & thanks to you, Michael, I have read 113 free books in that time. I have amazon prime and watch tons of video, currently watching "Fringe" from the beginng. I get on FB. I play games. I am very happy with my Fire

  58. Lynne Beard  Says:

    I only hav the one Fire and I love it. Ha e debated about gtting the HD or 8.9 but haven't decided.

  59. Mary DeFord  Says:

    Fire HD I have three different Kindles but Fire is one I use most

  60. Cheryl Johnson  Says:


  61. Kathie Louise Bursaw  Says:

    KindleHD 8.9– I REALLY enjoy the larger size and keyboard. The only drawback, so far, is some of my facebook apps. don' t work appropriately. Amazon needs to upgrade at least half of them B4 they' ll work!

  62. Trish Hanson  Says:

    I have a 2nd gen Kindle Fire 7" (no HD) It's my first kindle product. I love it. I debated on the HD KF but I didn't feel the need for the HD since I already own a droid razr and have a latop; the HD just seemed a lot of fluff and unnecessary. I use it to play games, surf the web when I'm away from home, and tons of reading. I haven't read this many books in literally 10 years. I take it with me everywhere. I'm glad I got the smaller KF, the larger KF would've been a hassle to carry around and definitely gotten to heavy to hold based on how much I use my KF. I have a friend that has the 8.9 KF HD. It's nice but honestly it's heavy and doesn't look much different than my KF. I'm very content with my 7" KF and have no plans to upgrade or change to a different kindle model.

  63. Patricia Piper Myers  Says:

    I have all the Kindles and loved them, but now I read everything on my iPad which I like better than the Kindles.

  64. Victoria L Goldy-Rhodes  Says:

    I started out on the Kindle Keyboard, and loved it, especially the no glare outside reading, but ever since I got my Kindle Fire First Gen, I use that almost exclusively.

  65. Dominique Miller  Says:

    I had the Kindle 3G but it died so I got the Touch this time around. Love it!!

  66. Julie Scoggins  Says:

    I have the 7" Kindle Fire HD and love it, but I got my husband the original Kindle. It's difficult for me to use because I'm so used to the touchscreen, but I'm afraid this summer I'll have to steal if for reading outdoors. Still, Kindle Fire HD is the BEST because I can switch between apps, games, check facebook and read all at the same time. It's great that I can take it with me everywhere!

  67. Amy Lozier  Says:

    Paperwhite!! Llightweight, fits in a coat pocket, just perfect for reading. But, I love my Kindle Fire as well!

  68. Dorothy Ricks  Says:

    I have an iPad to read on. Along with reading, I can play games, write something and even draw!

  69. Shirley Prichard  Says:

    I love my Kindle Fire because I can play games.check E Mail and go right back to my books.I usually read more than one book at a time.I still use my Kindle for going out where i have to wait because it is small but I sure do love my Kindles!!!!!

  70. Kathryn Walter  Says:

    Kindle fire. I don't have any desire to watch Tv or movies knit. I do use it in my classroom. My students can earn. Time to play an app.

  71. Deanna Holle  Says:

    Love my Fire. I've never tried any of the others, but would never want one that isn't backlit. I just got the Roo case & love it for propping it when I get tired of holding it.

  72. Deanna Holle  Says:

    check Amazon for the Roo case. It has been on sale & it allows me to prop my fire so that I don't have to hold it all of the time.

  73. Suzie Campbell  Says:

    Kindle fire I got it last year for Christmas and I use it all the time for reading

  74. Lynn Casey  Says:

    I have had my kindle keyboard for a couple of years now. I guess I have not reason to go purchase anything else since this one does the job. Love it. When it dies. I will get another kindle, of course a upgraded one by reading your reviews on the different kindles available.

  75. Gay Davis  Says:

    I don't have much to compare. My daughter-in-law suggested the Kindle Fire and I love it as to reading, checking email and Facebook. This is my first non-smartphone purchase and for me, the only thing I can't do is make calls. Love it!

  76. Jennifer Crawford  Says:

    I have owned a Kindle Keyboard and now the Paperwhite. I LOVE the Paperwhite for being touchscreen and, of course, having a backlight finally. That was my biggest problem with the Keyboard. I have also used two different versions of the Kindle Fire. Admittedly it IS awesome and I enjoyed the apps. My favorite part was using my EW subscription to download full magazines on it. Even with those perks though I've decided to stick with the Paperwhite. I have an iPhone and a laptop so I don't need the "bells and whistles" of the Fire. My main reason for NOT getting a Fire though? Not being able to arrange my books in collections. If I hear lots of good feedback about the Collections app by Michael, then it might be worth a switch in the future…?

  77. Debbie Jackson Stacey  Says:

    I like my fire 8.9 because of the size, but love my kindle touch!

  78. Lisa Radloff  Says:

    Paper white. Gave my 2 year old grand daughter the kindle fire, too hard to read on with the glare.

  79. Linda Mumaw Simpson  Says:

    I had a Kindle 2 that I loved. I just got a Kindle Paperwhite and I love it more! It is so light and I like not having to have a separate light to read in low light. I'm getting more used to the touch screen and I recommend it to people who are interested in getting a Kindle.

  80. Geraldine Buhler  Says:

    I love my Kindle Fire. I sometimes read mutiple books at one time and love the fact that I don't have to carry around books anymore.Sorry library.

  81. Michele Severn-Smith  Says:

    I've only had this kindle which is the paperwhite which i chose because i can read I'm bed all tucked up without lights, and got to say I'm not disappointed i love it :-)

  82. Linda Golden Coburn  Says:

    I love my Kindle keyboard… I thought about the Kindle Fire and couldn't wait to buy one… I changed my mind, I don't like some of the things about it… I'll keep my keyboard, besides I already have a tablet so I really can't justify

  83. Debbie Jackson Stacey  Says:

    I know what you mean. I prop mine up. I have not chosen a case
    yet. I really like the rotation one.

  84. Pam Terry  Says:

    I am very happy with the Fire for reading and games, but the Kindle Keyboard is great for reading outside or when the battery goes dead on the Fire. I'm happy with both for the time being…

  85. Cathy Textor  Says:

    I have only used the kindle fire. I can't compare. But I love my Kindle Fire.

  86. Serenity Wever  Says:

    For a while the Kindle Touch was my favorite, but the new Kindle Fire (not the HD) is pretty nifty.

  87. Grace McMillin  Says:

    absolutely love my Kindle Fire HD and use it exclusively. I thought I'd still use my Kindle keyboard occasionally, but now I' m just too spoiled by the HD. I read on it, play games, check my calendar and email, and read the news.

  88. Jeanette Eckman Munson  Says:

    I have the first Kindle Fire and I love it. It is the only one I have so I have nothing to compare it with but I think it is great.

  89. Linda Geatrakas  Says:

    My first kindle was the older version with keyboard and i absolutely loved it. Since then i have used kindle on my 10.1 tablet and my husbands kindle fire and much prefer the larger screen on my tablet and also the ease of going back and forth between kindle and email etc., like you said Michael. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!

  90. Stacey Joy Netzel  Says:

    I have a Kindle with eink that I love for reading. My son has a Fire that he loves for games. I'm not sure I'd want to read on that. I was thinking of getting my Husband the Fire HD 4G, but wonder about how much it costs for a monthly 3GB or 5GB data package. Do you know where I can find those prices?

  91. Katrina Namad  Says:

    I have only ever had a Kindle Fire. Got it for my birthday last September. My mom has a basic Kindle, and my dad has a different one yet. I mostly use it to read books, find it hard to use to surf the internet, and don't use many apps, so I guess I could have chosen something else. I was not aware in September about all the other choices, such as the Kindle paperwhite. That's probably what I would otherwise have gone with. But I love my Fire, and will stick with that for quite some time, I suspect.

  92. Fritz Maiser  Says:

    I prefer my Galaxy Tablet.
    My keyboard is a klunker to use.
    The keys area faded to invisibility. And the browser is like swimming in. molasses.

  93. Jill Bauman  Says:

    Started with a Kindle Keyboard, until my daughter borrowed it and decided she needed to keep it. Went to a Fire, but its so much heavier that I went to a basic Kindle, until the Paperwhite came out. That is by far my favorite. Gave the basic to hubby to entice him into ebooks, and he is now sold!

  94. Kimberly Jo Brayton Russ  Says:

    Love my Kindle Fire!!!

  95. D Vicky Ulrich  Says:

    I have the kindle fire and my hubby has the he and we love both just as long as we can read and watch movies and games life is good.

  96. Jennifer Nelson  Says:

    I have the fire now but thinking of upgrading to one of the new ones, my college is going to the books online.

  97. Teddy Van Hoosen  Says:

    My kindle and a diet pepsi got into a fight and the pepsi won :( so I downloaded my library to my laptop and desk top and read off them. Now I have a cell phone and I can take my whole world of books with me!! IS LIFE GOOD OR WHAT???

  98. Deanna Holle  Says:

    Collections app is better than without a way to sort, but I have so many books that it is very time-consuming to get them all sorted & it doesn't show covers so I've had to look up most of the books to see what they are before categorizing them. I wish they came from Amazon pre-labled with the basic genres & from there I could do more if I wanted. I have the Fire.

  99. Teresa LM  Says:

    Kindle fire he. Love the screen size and the fact that thd screen turns so I can sit in a chair or lay down to read. I can even prop it up.

  100. Laura Wilke  Says:

    I used to use the Kindle Keyboard but recently upgraded to the Paper white and I absolutely love it. The Kindle Fire is too hard on the eyes when reading for any length of time.

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