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So, here’s the question (borrowed from the Amazon discussion board): “Do you enjoy reading many books at once? Or are you more of a one-book-at-a-time reader? Let us know in the comments and be sure to mention which book (or books) you’re currently reading!”

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101 Responses to “An Informal Poll – Your Input Requested”

  1. Rain Corr  Says:

    I have been known to read a couple at a time, but more often than not, I'm a one book at a time kinda girl.

  2. Debbie Blackburn  Says:

    One book at a time.

  3. Amelia Felci  Says:

    Up to 3 books at a time…Autumn Light, Angel's Peak & Everything About Jackie Kennedy,

  4. Jenna Miller  Says:

    One at a time.

  5. Johnnie Broyles  Says:

    More than one at a time

  6. Cherye Elliott  Says:

    College taught me to read numerous books at once. I had one in every room. Now that I am in my 50's, I enjoy my books….one at a time.

  7. Karen Johnson Elmendorf  Says:

    One book at a time. Currently trying to decide which one to tackle next.

  8. Laura Divin  Says:

    One at a time and I'm reading "Bed of Spices".

  9. Missy Daly Goodman  Says:

    One at a time. My oldest son can read multiple books at a time. I can't keep up with it tho!

  10. Sheri Loucks Nissen  Says:


  11. Jessica Johnson  Says:

    One book at a time :)

  12. Chris Enstad  Says:

    one at a time, just finished Gone the Next thanks to you it was free.

  13. Jean Dance Wahl  Says:

    One book at a time.

  14. Rob Hurt  Says:

    I'm a one-at-a-time book reader. Currently reading The Sign of the Four in The Complete Sherlock Holmes.

  15. Julie Cox  Says:

    One at a time. I am currently reading Taking out the Trailer Trash. It's a good book!

  16. Ursula Gann Thompson  Says:

    since my boys got their kindles for christmas, im on my 4th book! im currently reading Predation!

  17. Leah Beth Carr  Says:

    One entertainment book at a time, plus a little bit from my Bible every day.

  18. Shelli L. MacElderry  Says:

    Depends on what I'm reading at the time, but I usually have about three going most of the time.

  19. Laurel McHugh  Says:

    Many at a time. Been doing that since I really got into reading in middle school.

  20. Carol Walder  Says:

    I read one at a time. A book every 2-3 days. I like to mix it up. One book a light mystery or romance. Then a thriller. Sometimes a series.Love recurring characters

  21. Vivian Hadleigh  Says:

    one at a time usually

  22. Stephanie Linder  Says:

    One book at a time. Right now, I'm reading Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas.

  23. Rosie E McKeever-Gumpher  Says:

    Multiple books at one time or I get bored too fast sticking with just 1 book!

  24. Cindy Albin  Says:

    I've always been a 'one book at a time' reader. I have trouble enough keeping track of the characters of the ONE book I'm reading. I just finished 'Outlander' by Diana Gabaldon. Next up is either 'Merle's Door' or 'The Soldier's Wife'.

  25. Charlene Lemcool Lyon  Says:

    I have two books at a time going as I have to have one for the bath tub for which I will not use my Kindle Fire! I generally read mysteries and science fiction.

  26. Kim Hankins  Says:

    Always several at a time. Currently "Cold Mountain", "great train robbery", "the peacemaking family", and Laura Bush's memoir.

  27. Dottie David Phillips  Says:

    prefer one book at a time but, if one comes along and I start to read to just see if I want tor read it, then sometimes I am captured and then have 2 going at once.

  28. Alison DuFlon-DeLeo  Says:

    I cannot read more than one book at a time.

  29. Sara Garrett  Says:

    I only like to read one book at a time but I like to have a couple of books queued up in my Kindle app. I'm currently reading Consume by Shelly Crane

  30. Carole Lee  Says:

    One book at a time

  31. Judy Fishman  Says:

    I generally read one at a time. Currently reading "Three Girls and a Leading Man", the third of a trilogy after reading "Three Girls and a Baby" thanks to you. However, my reader is not good outdoors so if I am at the beach, I read a paperback. I also have an audio going in the car, currently a J D. Robb.

  32. Estella Sexton-Allender  Says:

    I am definitely a multiply books at a time reader. If I hit a dead spot in a book or find one that peaks my interest more, I switch. I never seem to have trouble picking up where I left off. I read David Simpson's Post-Human series recently, which I loved, and am also reading Connected by Simon Denman, and A Distant Eden by Lloyd Tackitt.

  33. Marilyn Rosenbaum  Says:

    Mostely one at a time, unless I get bored with one sometimes I will start another and go back to the first one later.

  34. Debbie Roberts Buckley  Says:

    One at a time.

  35. MaryLee Heller  Says:

    Multiple: Visioneering, Andy Stanley; Shepherding a Child's Heart, Tripp; The Glimpse; The Wildflowers of Terezin

  36. Dee White  Says:

    I usually have 2 or 3 books going at once, plus the audio book I listen to in the car.

  37. Barbara Cox  Says:

    I currently have 3 books open – one for fun, one for spiritual growth, and one to help heal my body.

  38. Jack InObx  Says:

    I usually have at least 2 but sometimes 3 going on at once. A hardcopy and 1 or 2 on my Kindle (or 1 on my Kindle and 1 on my iPad w/Kindle App.

  39. Jean Huffman McKinnon  Says:

    One at a time

  40. Dana M Lord Younts  Says:


  41. Nika T Jackson  Says:

    One Book at a time. Right now I'm reading "Dead in red" by L.L.Bartlett

  42. Beverly Wiese  Says:

    I used to keep a book in 3 or more rooms at a time,whenever I had a free minute or two.,With my kindle I usually take it everywhere I go so I stick with one story at a time. When its charging,i will read a library book in between.

  43. Virginia Everett  Says:

    One at a time. Right now it is Executive Privilege.

  44. Jeanne Rogers Klockers  Says:

    Occasionally two at a time. Which one I read depends on my mood. I may have a suspense and a romance going at the same time. When reading a really long book, like Winter of the World, which I just finished, I will only read that until it is finished. Next up an old favorite, With Love from Karen, by Marie Killilea.

  45. Sharon Morris  Says:

    One at a time. Or maybe two.. The elephant girl. Wheat belly. She belongs to me.

  46. Vicki Cheney  Says:

    Usually one book at a time, but I might have others open to read snippets of throughout the day. I am reading Goodbye Junie Moon right now, a memoir about (mostly) Vietnam, by June Collins. I am enjoying it (although it could use some proofreading, particularly for punctuation).

  47. Claire A Waffle  Says:

    Now that i'm old read one book at a time. Currently reading My Soul to Keep. Thanks Michael

  48. Kraig Bowers  Says:

    Several at a time.

  49. Suzy Archer  Says:

    Several books at a time! Currently reading John Grisham's The Racketeer, James Patterson's Private London, and Dean Koontz's Icebound.

  50. Su Littlefield Perry  Says:

    I am a one book at a time reader. That doesn't mean I don't download many books at a time to be read on my Kindle. At the present time I have 270 books to be read. I am currently reading "Stalking Love, a Romantic Thriller" by Johnny Ray.

  51. Kathie Brown  Says:

    one at a time

  52. Lori Weller  Says:

    more than one is the norm, usually up to around 5.

  53. Diane Lasiewski  Says:

    On at a time.

  54. Lori Robin Wilson  Says:

    I read several at a time but then the one that captures me the most gets my full attention until it is done.

  55. Janie Dagner  Says:

    I read up to three books at a time.

  56. Pam Terry  Says:

    One book at a time…Debora Geary and Christine Kling series. Waiting for new books to come out!

  57. Louise Fadness  Says:

    I can juggle up to 3 books at a time – mostly science fiction, how-to, and nonfiction. This way, I keep them straight!

  58. Angela Robins  Says:

    One book at a time. I'm reading The Good Lawyer right now.

  59. Jennifer Gober  Says:

    One at a time. Currently Sacrificed Lives, by Beverley Brackett.

  60. Laurie Woolard Matson  Says:

    I am a one book at a time gal.

  61. Cheryl Wixon Gocken  Says:

    Usually 2 at a time. Right now Frozen Trail on Kindle &Death of a Dustman in paperback.-

  62. Nancy Kazmierczak Robidoux  Says:

    Usually one at a time. I always take my kindle with me do I'm always reading. Currently reading Courthouse Cowboys.

  63. Jim Calandro  Says:

    One book at a time. Currently reading the Sherlock Holmes complete collection.

  64. Pat Stroup  Says:

    I read one book at a time.

  65. Gillian Weathers  Says:

    If I am reading two books at a time it is usually because neither one of them is grabbing me but they are not bad enough to give up on.

  66. Peggy McDonald Hart  Says:

    One book at a time.

  67. Glenda Robertson  Says:

    Two books at a time…one book, one audiobook

  68. Patricia Piper Myers  Says:

    Many at a time.

  69. Roni Lepore  Says:

    2 or 3 books at same time… tablet and one or two paperback/hardcover

  70. Jenna Sincell Mahlberg  Says:

    One at a time. Currently reading: Shadowing Dickens.

  71. Diane Herr  Says:

    Primarily one at a time, but sometimes I find myself reading 2 or 3 at a time.

  72. Bobbye L. Hudspeth  Says:

    Depends on my mood. If my interest starts flagging I'll stop one book and start another. But, I am sort of OCD about finishing what I start so I eventually get around to finishing all of them.

  73. Janet Michael Rippy  Says:

    usually just one book at a time

  74. Donna Rossi Havern  Says:

    One at a time!

  75. Lisa Chatterjee  Says:

    Multiple books at a time! An audible one for the car, another audible to listen to while exercising and a third for reading. I try to keep my favorites for the exercise books as an encouragement to exercise more so I can listen more! LOL

  76. Alysha Hinkley Gonzales  Says:

    Use to read many at a time, but find myself lately to be reading one at a time.

  77. Marlene Harrell  Says:

    1 at a time

  78. Sheila Berger  Says:

    I usually have two books going at a time. It all depends where I am, at home I will read from my computer, right now a Harry Dresden story, if I am out or at work I have my Kindle with me, and I am reading John dies at the End, by David Wong.

  79. Terry Parrish  Says:

    One at a time.

  80. Michael L. Fleming  Says:

    I tend to be in between when reading books. Sometimes I'll start one and read it all the way through, sometimes start reading a couple of books depending on the topic and whether I have to read the book for a specific reason.

  81. Kim Hall Keister  Says:

    One at a time!!!

  82. Lynn Casey  Says:

    Oh one book at a time for me please lol

  83. Gloria Johnson  Says:

    I read one book at a time on my Kindle, BUT I also always read one at the same time via CD borrowed from library. Can't stand to waste time in a car, and reading that way means I can read twice as many books at the same time.

  84. Caren Salisbury  Says:

    Multiple books at a time. I tend to have my kindle with me at work and a "real" paperback on my nightstand at night.

  85. Dora Chartier  Says:

    One at a time.

  86. Steve Abramson  Says:

    I usually have two going at a time. One on the Kindle and one paperback that I keep in the car for when I'm waiting on my wife.

  87. Janice Holden  Says:

    On book at a time. A good book deserves my full attention!

  88. Kathy Tackett  Says:

    I'm a one at a time reader, but it's usually one right after the other.

  89. Sue Sowin  Says:

    I read my1977 NAS Bible every day, but then choose between non-fiction biography type books to read as well. Currently I've been reading:
    Behind the Scenes or, Thirty years a slave, and Four Years in the White House

  90. Steve Wintermute  Says:

    one or two at a time depending on subjects

  91. Denise L Harper  Says:

    One book at a time! Just got through reading "Killing Lincoln"

  92. Cathy Brockman  Says:

    I have just started doing 2. I read a regular novel at night and a short story or anthology story on my treadmill i have 30 minutes to kill!

  93. Marie Cannon  Says:

    Usually one at a time – however – I am slowly plowing through Les Miserables AND Ravenscraig. (makes for interesting dreams)

  94. JoAnn Pratt  Says:

    reading one on Kindl and one paperback

  95. Stephanie InPraize Carter  Says:

    I typically read one non-fiction and one fiction book at a time. That way I can expand my knowledge and relax with some good fiction. I also read my Bible everyday, so I guess that means three books at a time.

  96. Denise L Harper  Says:

    One book at a time!

  97. Anne Goodrick  Says:

    More than one, but not usually more than 3 at once

  98. Lynne Beard  Says:

    I tend to read one at a time (especially on the Kindle) but in print I tend to read multiple books because I lay them down and then go to another room and start another one.

  99. Mary Ellen Luth  Says:

    I like to read one at a time.Trying to read more is not as satisfying. as getting lost in a very long novel. I just finished reading Pica and am not sure what is next.

  100. Leslie Friedman  Says:

    read it. it was good

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