I’ve been asked this question a few times this week – how do you read the blog using your iPad?  Here is how you can read it for free:

The Pulse app is pre-installed on your iPad, and the Pulse app basically is a collection of various blog posts and news feeds: as long as your iPad is connected to an active Wi-Fi connection or the cellular network, the blog posts and news feeds will be updated throughout the day. While you need an active Wi-Fi connection to update the news feeds, because the blog posts and news articles are stored on your iPad you can read them while you are offline or not connected to the Internet.

To add the Free Kindle Books and Tips blog or any other blog to the Pulse app, just follow these steps in order:

  • From the iPad’s home page (or whatever page you may have relocated it), locate the Pulse icon and tap it one time; if you deleted it, you can quickly download it for free from the iTunes store.
  • A list of existing feeds will now appear. To add a blog or newsfeed, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap the blue “plus” or + icon in the lower left-hand corner (it is titled “Catalog”).
  • Tap the search icon located at the top left of your touch screen in the new pop-up (it looks like a magnifying glass).
  • You will see an input line titled “Search for anything” at the top of your touch screen. Tap that line one time to display the virtual keyboard at the bottom of your touch screen.
  • To add the Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Other Tips blog, just type in “fkbooksandtips.com” (without the quotations), then tap the “Search” icon located at the bottom right-hand side of your touch screen.
  • After you tapped the “Search” icon, the name of the blog should now be displayed on your touch screen. Tap the blue “plus” or “+” icon located to the right of the blog’s name to add it to your Pulse feed.

I hope that helps!  Why not do your iPad friends a favor and send this on to them?



Want to have this blog sent wirelessly to your e-Ink Kindle vs. reading it on your computer? Try out the free two-week trial subscription! Click here for the Amazon page of the Free Kindle Books and Tips blog or type in http://smarturl.it/fkblog into your web browser.

Are you receiving the blog’s posts by email? You can if you click here or type in http://www.fkbooksandtips.com/subscribe into your web browser – just fill in your email address, smack the “Subscribe” button, and make sure you reply to the confirmation email!



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3 Responses to “Read This Blog on Your iPad (for Free, of Course)”

  1. Penny Dotson  Says:

    Maybe I’m not doing it right but I think it is easier to read the blog on Facebook than having to sign in every time on Pulse. I can’t even get back to it again after setting up the blog. Oh well, Facebook was pretty easy, anyway.

  2. Christine Claire MacKenzie  Says:

    I receive Michael’s alerts by email into my gmail. I should visit the facebook page more often to interact more with you guys.

  3. Heidi Musar Thimmesch  Says:

    Thanks for the blog info for ipad, now if they would find a way to organize books in kindle for it! :)

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